Web Site Design
Web site design covers a broad spectrum of services. Sempai can do it all; from simple re-design to database integration to remote management services.

Sempai has delivered solutions using most current technology. This includes custom web graphics, HTML, XML, PHP, Flash, Java, JavaScript and jQuery, and ASP and ASP.NET.
Corporate Identity
Corpoarate identity services at Sempai include everything from providing basic company logos to production of corporate letterheads, sales sheets, brochures, financial reports, and exhibition materials.

Sempai can carry your corporate identity into internet web sites, intranet pages, and even informational kiosks.
Custom Software
Custom development is a reality in almost every industry. To gain competitive advantage and to maximize your efficiency, custom software development can solve your unique business issues.

Tailored to your business process, our software solutions are directed by the way you work. Rather than buying software that dictates how your business operates, we can design software with your company`s practices in mind. We specialize in delivering systems that automate your existing workflow to maximize efficiency and to leverage the knowledge your team already possess.
Project Management
Project management services provided by Sempai include:
  • Needs assessment
  • Management reporting
  • Risk/mitigation planning
  • Change management strategies
  • Issue tracking/escalation
  • Post-mortem examination
Sempai has experience with managing projects that run from just a few weeks to a year or more. We can provide management services for your in-house team or add a layer of management to our own development staff.
Database Tuning
Database tuning can have a profound impact on your business. From improved executive reporting to outstanding customer experiences, the speed of your databases is a tangible measure of success.

Sempai specializes in tuning Microsft SQL Server, and we can help with a broad range of other database systems. We have experience with everything from transactional systems to OLAP reporting cubes. Sempai can help building sound designs for tables, indices, relationships, procedures, views, rules, and defaults. We can also assist with the use of DTS packages for regular, critical data distribution tasks.